This documentary would be extremely useful forĀ all land trusts to show within our communities. The sensitive and lasting nature of family decisions are chronicled in your film and can help provide guidance to families going forward.

~Livy Strong, Jericho Underhill Land Trust President

We’ve created a 25-page community screening kit to make it simple for organizations and individuals to host their own screening of The Barber Farm Project. Screenings can be fundraising opportunities, part of another meeting or event, or just an opportunity to create community and start conversations. The kit includes:


  • 1 DVD & 1 digital copy of The Barber Farm Project
  • Step-by-step instructions for planning and hosting an event
  • Promotional poster and postcards
  • In-depth information about farmland protection
  • Questions to spark a lively discussion
  • Public screening license

Community Screening Kit – $95

Please email us to arrange purchase.